Eero’s unique works and artist collections reveal an elegant roughness and coarse nature of silver. The focus is not on the shiny finish, but rather at meticulously hand-made surfaces and oxidation in order to give more dimensions to the designs. The original shapes and forms filtered through his imagination and expressed with his signature style carry the old-world mystique with aesthetics absorbed from the surroundings during the childhood in the Finnish countryside at the 70’s.

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IINA 16 - Lari Heikkilä

SS 15 - Iiro Muttilainen & Chao-Hsien Kuo

HML 13  - Matt Lambert

Forest - Ofer Amir

Armour - Paula Ojansuu

Väki Vahva - Arnaud Weisser

Special thanks to:

The one and only, model extraordinaire, Janika Nieminen
Fashion designer Hogan McLaughlin
Enchanting models Gesine Wittrich & Iina Rantala
outfits for Vaki Vahva, Tanja Rovio
and all those who have helped along the way