"Dark is my color"

Master Goldsmith Eero Hintsanen works in his studio in Lahti, Finland, creating ultra boutique pieces that redefine awesomeness in jewelry. These truly unique works of art carry the old-world mystique with aesthetics absorbed from the surroundings during his childhood in the Finnish countryside at the 70’s.

Eero Hintsanen has been working professionally as a designer, an artist and a goldsmith since 1999 focusing on collaborations with fashion designers, stylist and photographers. Characteristic works and an un-apologizing approach to reinterpret traditional field earned him prestigious Goldsmith of the Year 2019 title in Finland. This honour is awarded by the Finnish Goldsmith Association founded at 1905.

“ If dark is your color and you want to own a piece of my art, collections and unique works for sale can be found from my shop. I do also commissions for private customers and projects and collaborations that are close to my heart. For inquiries, please contact me by phone +358(0)405847238 or through email eero@chaoeero.com

To get a glimpse of life behind the scenes, follow the official Instagram account.“

Title photo by Lari Heikkilä